As of October 13, the developers of AdBlock Plus did not have an answer to YouTube’s new problem on the blog about this issue. As for its competitor, uBlock Origin, various Reddit users say that the Firefox version of the add-on is still working, although it is recommended that you keep the add-on and its block list as recent as possible and do not use filters. “YouTube updates their filters twice a day, which means that even if you have a filter update today, another one may be needed soon,” reads a note from the author of the Reddit post.

Another post also says that uBlock Origins appears to be working to block ads on the Brave browser, as well, including the mobile version. The same post also recommends NewPipe for Android, a free, open source app that offers ad-free YouTube access. The post, however, suggests that it is best to download the app from official sources such as NewPipe’s website or its pages on GitHub or F-Droid, citing issues with the Google Play Store versions added to the app.

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For video on the desktop, there is also a service – invented by AI developer Shanaj Raj – to watch ad-free video that pops up when you ask for the video’s codec through the sharing section. Of course, these are all unofficial workarounds that may stop working at any time; the only reliable way to get ad-free access is to subscribe to Premium.

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