There are several reasons why smoking or smoking e-cigarettes around your PC can be harmful to the components of the device, but all of these reasons point to the residue that can build up inside the machine. Vaping creates an aerosol, often referred to as a vapor, that contains tiny droplets of water that can settle and settle as residue on surfaces, including the inside of PCs or gaming consoles. Over time, these residues can accumulate and interfere with the way computer components communicate, leading to long-term problems.

To make matters worse, the residue that can form on PC components isn’t just water vapor; instead, it’s a sticky film that contains chemicals, vape flavors, and nicotine. Over time, this film will form a layer-by-layer on its own, and is visible on the PC’s most visible parts such as fans, vents, and other openings on your PC or gaming console.

In other words, the air pollution your PC or laptop can have is no different than how it affects your lungs.

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