“WWE Didn’t Do a Very Good Job at Breaking AEW,” Says Chris Jericho When Commenting on NXT Defeat Dynamite: “Don’t Go Away Your A**” (Photo Credits: Instagram, Facebook & Wikimedia)

Christopher Keith Irvine – better known by his ring name, Chris Jericho, has been part of wrestling entertainment for more than 30 years. Since 1990, Jericho has been part of several companies, including ECW, WCW, WWF – now WWE and AEW. Thanks to his thirty years of experience in wrestling, the American-Canadian wrestler recently confirmed the rivalry between All Elite Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment, especially as seen earlier this month.

On October 10, the WWE NXT developmental series featured many popular wrestlers such as John Cena, Cody Rhodes, and The Undertaker in the ring for their battle against AEW Dynamite. NXT won the match with a 0.30 victory to AEW Dynamite’s 0.26.

In a recent interaction with The Messenger, Chris Jericho lowered WWE’s 0.30 to 0.26 margin of victory. The wrestler-rock star said, “You can bring in Cena and Undertaker and Cody and everybody else, because nobody wants to work second-rate all the time. And it was a little fun, ‘Hey, F-you AEW.’ I wasn’t worried at all.” He added that the head-to-head battle was “just an opportunity to keep practicing.”

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He also revealed that he tried to convince Tony Khan to go the same route and take other celebrities affiliated with AEW into the ring. Reflecting on their conversation, Chris Jericho said, “I told Tony, ‘Well, if you want revenge, bring in Shaq and Snoop Dogg and these guys, Mike Tyson. But Tony didn’t do that. We trusted our program and our guys and girls, and that’s how it goes. for us always.”

Talking about the rivalry and how the difference was temporary, Chris added, “This could be like a football game where you bring all your best players from years ago and beat the other team 30-26. It’s like a video game. Let’s bring in five-year-old Tom Brady.” last time I played him in a match against Chris Jericho. OK, you guys won, but you won 30-26…so, don’t get on your ass because you didn’t do a good job of beating us. And our show was better than theirs, honestly. So, that doesn’t bother me. It’s just competition, man. It’s good for the fans, it’s good for the industry.”

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He added, “I think people who didn’t like AEW thought we’d be gone six months, and it’s been four years and we’re bigger than ever, close to another big television deal, and that’s all it takes.”

Aside from the AEW ring, Chris Jericho will soon appear in UPtv’s Country Hearts. The film will premiere on October 22.

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