Like Apple, Comcast, and Spectrum are household names for many people. The two companies provide cable and internet to millions of customers in the United States, and putting a Xumo box in these homes will be huge. A larger room will come from people who don’t use a streaming box at all. There could be a variety of reasons for this – having a smart TV, still using cable, or not being interested in Netflix originals are just a few that come to mind.

If those people get their hands on the Xumo box, they may change their minds and commit to a new device. For a certain number, the battle will be moving someone from the Apple ecosystem to a new one. The Apple brand is very strong; if you have one Apple device, chances are good that you have more. The Apple TV streaming box is one of the best on the market for what it does, which is why it often comes out. ahead of its competition from AmazonGoogle, and Roku.

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With Xumo being a new player in the industry, there will be some pain points that we often see in devices when they hit the market. The 2015 Apple TV, although he was the fourth model overall, he had a lot to change, e.g. This doesn’t mean we’ll see Xumo fall into the same hole, but it’s definitely an uphill battle.

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