While Musk says he’s ready to fight Zuckerberg, he added, “I don’t think he should fight me.” He thinks that, although Zuckerberg was trained at a young age, Musk has his size and weight and even “will not need time to prepare.” He repeated (perhaps tongue-in-cheek) a comment he made earlier about a fight where he would use his “Walrus” move, which involves simply laying on top of his opponent and doing nothing but distracting them.

Musk says that Zuckerberg pulled out of the battle and indicated that he did so because the chosen site did not have enough advertising space to make money. The site would be the nearly 2,000-year-old Roman Colosseum, which – according to Musk – Italy donated as a stadium. Unlike a modern stadium, it would be difficult to cover the Colosseum in posters and other advertisements and would bring in less money for charity.

Rogan encouraged the two billionaires instead to fight in the Sphere, a Las Vegas venue that is as luxurious as it looks. Rogan also described the Sphere as a “modern-day Colosseum” and compared Las Vegas to the rampant chaos that prevailed in ancient Rome before its fall.

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If Musk keeps his word that he’s ready to fight “anywhere, anytime,” the ball is now in Mark Zuckerberg’s court to make it happen. Musk admitted, however, that he might regret agreeing to the game. “It would be an exercise,” he told Rogan.

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