VPNs are great for anyone who wants to stream content from a country they don’t live in, or just want to keep their online activities private from prying eyes. However, the downside of using one is that sometimes it can interfere with the assembly of devices until you just completely use the connection. If you use a VPN, there’s a good chance they’re the ones causing your Fire TV issues.

If your Fire TV isn’t working when you try to connect it to your local internet and the device seems fine, check your VPN. Some VPNs play well with Amazon Fire TV, but others don’t. Determining whether it is a problem with luck is easy. All you need to do is temporarily turn off or remove the VPN, and then see if your Fire TV connects when the VPN is not turned on. If that turns out to be the problem and you don’t want to leave any of them for a long time, you can reach out to the VPN manufacturer and ask if the problem you are having is a common problem and if there is a solution. about that.

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What you can’t do is ask for any help from Amazon. Amazon’s opinion on using a VPN is that it does not support it, so Amazon’s support team cannot help you solve the problems that are affecting you.

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