Fast forward to May 2020, and Toyota has announced that it will be bringing back the new and shiny Venza for 2021. However, the 2020s Venza has yet to shake off its roots as it rides on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) K platform, which is shared with, you guessed it, the Camry. But unlike previous iterations, it manages to separate itself from the shame of being a long-wheelbase Camry – yes, a hybrid drivetrain.

Like the Toyota Sienna minivan, the Venza is available as a hybrid. With an electric motor and a gas engine working together, it produces 219 horsepower. That means 37 combined miles per gallon. All-wheel drive is also the same on current Venza models.

With the introduction of the TNGA platform and many hybrid models like the new generation Toyota Sequoia, it makes sense for Toyota to bring back the famous name with the Venza, although it is not exactly the same as the previous generation. Thanks to Venza, hopefully, buyers tend to like the “lightness” of the crossover.

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