In the growing environment of the current car market, filled with OEMs who make difficult decisions about the customers’ preferences for hybrid systems, the C8 can find a middle ground between hybrid systems and the “classic” PHEV – all without doing anything. about plug in to charge. Under strong driving conditions, the system can also help by increasing power and punchier torque by turning off the “Charge +” mode that prioritizes the performance of the battery and the electric motor.

Actual value, other than dollars and cents? Well, the convertible hardtop version now tips the scales at 4,056 pounds, or around 10-15% heavier than the Stingray and Z06 models depending on the specs. Apparently, Chevy believes that the E-Ray’s capabilities and all-season driving capabilities offset the weight of an almost-plug-in hybrid. And owners who choose the E-Ray over a modified Stingray or Z06 will no doubt appreciate the addition of Stealth and Shuttle modes to justify their purchase of the first hybrid, all-wheel-drive Corvette.

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