Small clay prototypes are usually a simple thing to make out of foam, cover it with clay, and carefully build and mold the mold until the job is done. Looking (based on the original design of the manufacturer) reduced, it’s time to make a large version. All clay models work very similarly but are larger and more complex.

In most cases, the inner frame or shell is built using steel and filled with foam, then a layer made of clay of several centimeters is placed on the outside. After that, the sculptors and designers open it up and start making a lot of changes – some big, some subtle – until everything looks the way they want it. Then they carefully examine, change the shape, and so on until the color is considered complete.

Sometimes the surface may need to be reworked, so more clay is added and smoothed into the lines of the model. Sometimes a line or curve can be removed by millimeters, so the carvers carefully shave off the remaining material. All in all, the journey from sketch to full production can take several years, and a good part of it involves the reworking of clay models.

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