The Hike Crew Portable Propane Water Heater & Shower Pump isn’t cheap at $249 on Amazon, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you go camping often. The portable heater comes with a pump that can be placed on any water source, such as a bucket, river, or stream. Water passes through a propane-powered heater and is released through a built-in faucet or shower head.

As a result, you can use the Hike Crew water heater to wash your hands, wash dishes, or enjoy a hot outdoor shower. The shower faucet has three spray modes that can be adjusted by turning the dial, although low water seems to be a common complaint. Several users have reported that the quick connection of the hose causes a leak.

The Hike Crew water heater has a temperature control and an LCD screen that shows the temperature of the water. You can plug it into a power source (12V) such as a power outlet/generator, RV outlet, or your car’s cigarette lighter. The water is heated instantly and can get very hot. In addition, it does not use much propane, with user reviews of about two weeks with one tank.

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Hike Crew provides all the necessary equipment in the box, including electrical adapters, gas regulator, spray hose, shower head, and a carrying case that fits the water heater and all the included accessories.

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