The number of technologies under each category varies – there are three related to different independent technologies, for example, and six related to biotech as they work in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The area is spread across the US and includes the states of Montana, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Virginia, New Hampshire, Missouri, Kansas, Maryland, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey. , Louisiana, Idaho, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Florida, Oregon, Texas, Maine, Washington, and Vermont. Puerto Rico also has one technology center.

Several federal agencies will support the facility as appropriate, including the USDA and the Department of Transportation. Gina Raimondo, US Secretary of Commerce, said, “Each of these organizations will help us ensure that the industries of the future – and their high-paying jobs – start, grow, and stay in the United States.” Notably, the program required each organization to apply in anticipation of being selected, and 31 were selected from a pool of approximately 400. The total funding that will go to these technology centers will reach $500 million.

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