Trademark “A World Record Christmas”

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ newest holiday film, “A World Record Christmas,” premieres Thursday, November 16 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. Central. The film stars Nikki DeLoach, Lucas Bryant and Aias Dalman. Dalman, who portrays a boy on the autism spectrum, is also on the spectrum himself. Read on to learn more about the filming location, cast, and other behind-the-scenes stories.

“A World Record Christmas” was filmed in British Columbia, Canada, in the spring

Trademark “A World Record Christmas”

“A World Record Christmas” is part of Hallmark’s Miracles of Christmas series and was filmed in Langley, British Columbia, according to IMDb.

Director Jason Bourque posted the following image on Instagram, revealing that filming wrapped back in April.

He also expressed his excitement about the film as he wrote, “I LOVE this movie! I directed #aworldrecordchristmas earlier this year and it is truly one of the most extraordinary and unique #Hallmark films I have ever had the pleasure of directing. A big thank you to @aiasdalman for making it amazing and to the rest of our amazing cast, crew and fearless producer @antoniocupo @aprilambertelek @daphnehoskins @alisonwandzura”

The film was partially filmed at the Krause Berry Farm in Langley, according to the farm’s list of films filmed there.

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Part of what makes this film special is that it is based on a true story about a boy with autism who wants to set the world record for stacking 1,400 Jenga blocks, Guinness World Records revealed.

Meet the cast

Hallmark’s synopsis for the film reads:

Charlie (Dalman) is an autistic boy who is determined to set a Guinness World Record by stacking 1,400 Jenga blocks. His mother Marissa (DeLoach) and stepfather Eric (Bryant) encourage him to pursue his dream, and everyone celebrates when he receives the good news that he will get his chance on Christmas Eve. In the spirit of the holiday, they organize a fundraiser where townspeople have the opportunity to donate and decorate a Jenga block. The proceeds benefit children with autism. Charlie’s journey to the Jenga world record gives them all the chance to learn not only more about themselves, but also what family really means.

Nikki DeLoach plays Marissa. According to her bio, her recent projects include Hallmark projects such as “Two Turtle Doves” with Michael Rady, “Sweet Autumn,” “Cranberry Christmas” and “Five More Minutes.” The latter premiered in 2021 as part of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Miracles of Christmas” series. She also made a cameo appearance in the 2022 sequel to Five More Minutes. Working with her writing partner Megan McNulty, DeLoach co-wrote Christmas for Keeps, another addition to the Miracles of Christmas series the year 2021.

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DeLoach also recently appeared in Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows, Curious Caterer: Grilling Season, and The Gift of Peace, which premiered during Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Miracles of Christmas programming event in 2022.

Lucas Bryant plays Eric. His Hallmark bio states that he has established a notable presence in both Canada and the United States. Originally from Elmira, Ontario, Bryant trained in theater and acting at Sheridan College in Oakville.

One of his standout roles was in Syfy’s mystery series Haven, where he starred in all five seasons. In the series inspired by Stephen King’s novella The Colorado Kid, Bryant portrayed Nathan Wuornos, a local police officer. Somewhat reluctantly, Nathan’s character forms a partnership with the new FBI agent in town, Audrey Parker, played by Emily Rose.

Aias Dalman plays the role of Charlie. He is a 14-year-old actor and screenwriter from Vancouver, BC, Canada. According to his bio, he is on the autistic spectrum (just like his character in the film) and takes great joy in bringing an authentic portrayal to the screen. His recent notable roles include playing Bieng in the film When Time Got Louder alongside actors such as Willow Shields, Elizabeth Mitchell and Lochlyn Munroe. Dalman also took on a supporting role in the Lifetime feature film Doomsday Mom, sharing the screen with actors such as Lauren Lee Smith, Marc Blucas and Patrick Duffy.

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According to his Instagram account, Dalman turned 14 just under a week before the film’s premiere.

According to Hallmark’s press release, the film also stars:

  • Daphne Hoskins (Amy Gulsvig)
  • April Amber Telek (Jane Gulsvig)
  • Beverley Elliott (Nana Mary)
  • Miranda Edwards (Hillary Hartman)
  • David Allan Pearson (Benjamin Stackhouse)
  • Mark Chavez (Gary)
  • Alison Wandzura (Ophelia Bennett)
  • Matt Hamilton (Peter)
  • Aurelio Di Nunzio
  • Meena Mann (Karla Ray)
  • Auldin Maxwell (Christopher)
  • Emily Lé (secretary)
  • Sakura Sykes (Server)
  • Aurora Todd (Sophia)

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