Instagram’s sixth employee, Amy Cole, has signed on to become the company’s first Business Director, and is said to have acquired the company’s first window office. Like Jessica Zollman, it was Cole’s interest in marketing that led to a connection with the founder and, ultimately, a career in society. Before Instagram, Cole worked with car manufacturer Chrysler as a flight engineer. Cole is still employed by Meta, the parent of Facebook and Instagram, but his JD has changed. According to his LinkedIn, he now works as the Director of Product Marketing at the WhatsApp app.

After Cole, the follower of Instagram was Gregor Hocmuth, who worked as an engineer and sales manager but was first asked by Systrom to come as a co-founder. He created the oldest filters and stayed with the company through the acquisition by Facebook. Hocmuth left the group in 2014 and has been working in various artistic and technical roles. His last known job was a TV show called Dreams, but his LinkedIn shows that he is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Midjourney, an AI-powered research lab.

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Tim VanDamme joined Instagram in January 2012 as a Content Developer and left about a year later to join Dropbox. VanDamme has worked for many companies, but his work has remained the same. He worked at Abstract, a graphic design company in San Francisco, and Gowalla, a social network that was also acquired by Facebook, as a Product Designer, and now holds the same position at Figma, according to his LinkedIn.

Philip McAllister was hired at the same time as Tim VanDamme, and also worked on Gowalla, although his tenure predates Van Damme’s. He joined Instagram as an Android developer just four months before the company was bought but stayed on board to become the Director of Engineering, a position he held for eight years. He still does the same work, but now for the parent company, Meta, which is managing the business to digital marketing.

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