One of the most common problems that racing fans had with the event was the amount of distractions. Many live performances were staged at the event, including music from Donny Osmond, Martin Garrix, Andra Day, John Legend, Journey, Keith Urban, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and many others. It seemed like the organizers of the event were interested in anything but the actual competition. This added to the excitement of the event.

Three-time F1 champion Max Verstappen complained that the organizers of the event did not understand the sport it was meant to be part of. “I understand that the fans, they also need something to do on the track, but I think it’s very important to let them know what we do as a sport because most of them just come to party, drink, see a DJ or a show,” said Verstappen in an interview. “People, they come and what are they into? They want to see their favorite artists and have a few drinks with their friends and then go on a crazy sleepover. But they don’t understand what we are.” We’re doing or what we’re putting on the line to do.” He then went on to explain that people would get more out of F1 if the site focused more on the actual sport and the teams competing instead of being “random shows.”

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