The Right to Repair Act was signed into law in California in October 2023. It builds on the powerful protections of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, which was added to the legislature fifty years ago. Song-Beverly’s goal is to ensure that products purchased in California are maintained according to their warranties and that if repairs are needed, there are ways to do it. If the like persists after what Song-Beverly deems to be a “reasonable” number of such attempts, the producer must refund the buyer or provide an inheritance.

California’s implementation of the Right to Repair is ongoing, meaning that manufacturers must provide parts, tools, and documentation necessary to repair products for three to seven years, depending on the cost of the manufacturing request (between $50 and $99). in first place and over $100 in last place).

In short, consumers should have the right to a product that functions according to its lifetime. Problems and difficulties will, sadly and inevitably, sometimes arise. If they do, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to have them repaired or repaired by the customer themselves. In some cases, according to the UK’s right-to-repair laws, the law aims to allow DIY to repair the most difficult things while ensuring that parts are available so that traders can deal with problems.

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