It’s the same story in a manual car. Manual gearboxes have locks in the shift mechanism that prevent the stick from entering reverse gears while moving forward. It means that it will take muscles to push the back muscles firmly into the gates. And when it engages, it can do nothing but lock the drive wheels (when traveling at high speed) and put unnecessary stress on the synchronizer, the part that matches the speed of the main shaft to the drive gears and makes it smooth. , the most accurate configuration.

Even at speed, it’s best to move in reverse or drive from a standstill. If your car has a manual, stop before pressing the clutch and shifting into reverse. If you accidentally shift into reverse (R) while driving (D), don’t panic. Keep your eyes on the side of the road and apply the brakes gently until the car comes to a stop. Next, move the gearshift lever to neutral (N), then shift (P) before returning to drive (D).

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If the engine stalls after being inadvertently moved away from the vehicle, the vehicle will lose power and remove support from the steering and brakes, making it difficult to control and stop the vehicle. The lesson is to avoid moving backwards when the car is in front, especially in older cars with a gearbox or manual gearbox.

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