When the engine’s low power comes on, expect worrying symptoms such as poor acceleration and short response times. It does what it says by reducing power consumption and driving speed. Sometimes it includes engine stalling, slow stalling, and heavy shaking.

The first thing to do when the check engine light comes on while driving is to find a safe place to pull over, stop the car, and turn the lights back on. You can do this by turning off the engine, waiting 10 seconds, and then restarting the engine. If the light goes out, you can continue driving. But if the light stays on or comes back after a while, then it is best to bring the car to a mechanic for immediate assistance.

In some cases, the low engine warning light does not cause problems such as engine jerking, low speed, or low power. However, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive. Whenever the check engine light comes on, get the car serviced right away to prevent minor problems from becoming nightmares.

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