You’ll have a little more control over your options for motion sensors, motors, and jumper wires. You can get a pack of six SG90 motors from Amazon for less than $12. A pack of 10 HC-SR04 sensors costs $13 on Amazon, and if you need jumper wires you can get a bunch for about $10. to pull all the work together. All in all, you can get the whole house for under $100 – giving you a cheaper option than just buying a smart home.

The idea from here is to create a permanent trash can that will open on its own when you get close to throwing something away. The lid opens when you get within 30 cm of it, so it can be quite loud. Of course, you’ll just want to make sure your pet doesn’t know how to open the lid if they’re known to eat litter.

In the end, this is a great and easy project to start at a low cost. It allows you to see if you like working with the Arduino platform and if you want to invest more in the environment. There are lots of different projects to work on – like a smart vacuum – so even if smart trash can’t be your cup of tea, you’re sure to find something.

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