Travis Kelce Come Clean If He Pushed Taylor Swift’s Security Guard For Claiming To Be Her Bodyguard (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift recently made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live [SNL] starting when the two sat down for the last party. As he exited, Kelce was seen telling the player’s defense that he could quit and he would take over. This soon caught fire on the internet as many thought Kelce was rude to Taylor’s team and apparently pushed one. Explaining the same thing, Kelce, on his podcast with his brother revealed that he didn’t push anyone. Scroll down to find out what he had to say.

An expert on the past said, “At one point he told his bodyguard that he could turn away if he just got out of here.” Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been spotted on several dates since they started dating a few weeks ago.

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Now, in explaining the security incident, according to Page Six, Travis Kelce, on his podcast called New Heights, said that he did not ‘push’ Taylor Swift’s bodyguards during their night in New York City. He said, “I didn’t push [him]. I put my hand on the gentleman’s back so that he would know that I was behind him.” Travis denied kicking the singer’s bodyguard, adding, “If I’d kicked him, he might have turned around and hit me.”

Travis Kelce reflected on the incident saying, “[It was more like], ‘Good Lord, can you forgive me? I have to find the door. I’m sorry. Right behind you. I don’t want to surprise you.”

The two-time Super Bowl winner added, “I know it’s your job to stop the crazy people and if you get randomly pushed in the back while you’re standing in the doorway, it can be stressful.”

Travis added that Taylor’s security staff “didn’t say anything” about him going in, calling his team “good people.”

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She also admitted that she is “definitely protective” when it comes to being around her new love, Taylor Swift adding that she “knows herself” and “knows.[s] where the discoveries are” as they exit. He said: “I feel like when I’m in a relationship, I’m more rational [that] I am a man in the way things are.”

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