To make MacBooks smaller and lighter, Apple has sold various components on the motherboard, including RAM and other storage. While this may increase the visual appeal of the device, it eliminates the ability of users to upgrade these components themselves. When the performance of the MacBook needs to be strengthened, many users have no choice but to buy a new device, which leads to the loss of electronics.

Another important aspect of the added complexity comes down to Apple Silicon Chips, because there is no change between generations of Apple Silicon. If, for example, jumping from an M1 to an M2 is important to you, buying a new MacBook will be necessary to upgrade.

The lack of upgrades in MacBooks is a major concern for environmentally conscious consumers. Electronic waste is more important than most people think, and laptops that are not designed to be loaded by users contribute to this issue. Permanent ownership, which includes extending the life of the device through upgrades, is a difficult task with MacBooks.

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Restricted control of these devices is very important for potential owners. For those who prioritize the flexibility to adapt their laptops to their changing needs or seek to minimize their natural footprint, the MacBook’s design philosophy can be a major obstacle.

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