The need for compact digital cameras is not as great as it used to be, as more and more people are now carrying around very capable cameras that are perfect for capturing moments in everyday life. Yes, they are not perfect, and smartphone cameras still have some features that mean they cannot match the flexibility and quality of a dedicated digital camera.

For those who want to get the best photos possible, the Nikon Zf is an option worth considering. Although it looks like an old fashioned camera, it is a modern device with impressive features. This lightweight and portable camera is available in a variety of colors, has a clear display, and offers impressive performance for its price. This makes it very cost effective even for small problems.

The most important factor in judging any camera, is the quality of its images. In his Slash Gear review, Andy Zahn praised the image quality. In particular, the color image and low-light scene were exceptional, while the Nikon Zf also performs well when shooting in monochrome. Nikon’s Snapbridge smartphone app also gives users the ability to download any photos, change the camera, and operate the device remotely.

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