One of Chevrolet’s Super Bowl commercials features a recurring character, Walter the Cat. This friendly little group has appeared in a number of Chevrolet commercials, always garnering humorous responses from the people it encounters in all of its activities.

For the 2022 Super Bowl, Chevrolet will open its commercial in the snowy woods in a large building with a Silverado image parked out front. Walking inside the cabin, we find Walter warning his man with a purr-meow with a rope in his mouth that it’s time to go snowmobiling. “Traditional cat activities” take place, including ice hockey, camping, urinating on fire pits, chasing the mailman, and snowshoeing, before helping to shovel snow. As is the case with the repetition of these commercials, skiers say, “It’s amazing.” When Walter’s character talks about his Silverado, the racer clarifies what he said about the cat. Walter’s personality is also so confused that people think that his cat is not an ordinary cat.

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These ads can be classified as beautiful. It’s smart and funny, but never mind-blowing. It’s still a big improvement over the many boring “Like Rock” commercials that ran in the 90s.

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