Getty New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito went viral after revealing that he still lives with his parents.

With the help of an injury, New York Giants rookie quarterback Tommy DeVito defied the odds to earn his first NFL start in Week 10.

It’s rare for an undrafted free agent to play on the 53-man roster in their first year, let alone start at the most important position on the field. It’s even rarer for a starting NFL quarterback to live with his parents.

“It was a no-brainer for me,” DeVito told ESPN NYG beat reporter Jordan Raanan after revealing he still lives at home. “Everything I need is in the house.”

It didn’t take long for ESPN colleague Adam Schefter to post a quote from Raanan’s article, and it quickly spread throughout the NFL community with over 13,000 likes in less than three hours.

“Everything outside of football is handled by my family,” DeVito said in the quote. “When I get there, I don’t have to worry about laundry, what I’m having for dinner, chicken cutlets and everything that’s waiting for me. My mother still makes my bed. Everything will be taken care of for me.”

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The quarterback added: “It takes me 12 minutes to get there [to Giants facilities]” from his parents’ house, which currently makes it an ideal living situation.

Most Giants teammates had no idea that Tommy DeVito lived with his parents

Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag. In addition to introducing DeVito to NFL fans across the country, Raanan asked his teammates what they thought about the homebound rookie.

“To live at home?” According to Raanan, the Giants’ star running back Saquon Barkley responded with a laugh. “Really?”

The reporter also reported on veteran offensive lineman Justin Pugh’s reaction.

“That’s the biggest thing,” Pugh replied. “You know what, smartass! Save your money. Genius! That’s the only thing I would say from a financial perspective. Your mom helps you wash and makes sure you’re there on time, no distractions, amazing.”

Fellow rookie Jalin Hyatt knew about DeVito’s agreement – according to Raanan.

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“I was over there,” Hyatt admitted. “I love going to him. It has a small whirlpool in the back. The crazy thing is that he lives maybe 15 minutes away. So he’s close.”

It’s a hilarious story, but also unique. And as Barkley noted to Raanan, it would be a “hell of a story” if DeVito beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

“I literally told him [Thursday]“It could be a hell of a story,” Barkley told Raanan. “Let’s make this a damn good story. Unoccupied guy from Jersey. Lives with his parents in Jersey; I didn’t know that part. Becomes starting quarterback for the New York Football Giants. The perfect story.”

NFL and Giants fans react to Tommy DeVito’s life with his parents

As the NFL community reacted to this news, Giants fans doubled down on the comparisons between DeVito and Sopranos.

“Tommy DeVito every night after practice,” one comment read, with a picture of AJ Soprano toasting with his parents Tony and Carmela during the hit TV drama.

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Another fan opted for a nod to Wedding Crashers instead, citing the famous “Meatloaf” scene with Will Ferrell.

“There’s nothing better than a cold chicken schnitzel from the fridge 🤌,” joked a third reply.

A fourth fan remarked, “Too bad his offensive line isn’t nearly as welcoming.”

Finally, one popular comment concluded: “Kids living their damn dream, let me tell you, Adam.”

Parent or not, DeVito is definitely living his dream. He is a rookie starting as an undrafted free agent for his hometown team.

From Don Bosco Prep High School to the G-Men, DeVito’s journey is something of a legend.

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