The Google image search shortcut works on images that are already online. You can use it to quickly look up an image on a website or on Google Images and Google Lens. Here’s how to use the tool on the desktop:

  1. Open Google Chrome and find the image you want to view.
  2. Right-click the image and select “Search image with Google.”
  3. The sidebar will now open on the right with the appropriate results.

Now you can switch between Searches, Texts, and Translations to see the relevant results. Click “Find image source” to find the source of the image, or click the box to view a specific part of the image. The sidebar will remain open even if you switch tabs in Chrome. If you want the full screen view, click the Open in a new tab button in the upper right corner. Alternatively, press the ‘x’ to close for a moment.

The image search shortcut also works in Google Chrome on Android or iOS. To use it, click and hold an image on the website or on Google Images, then click “Search for an image with Google.” Instead of the sidebar, Google Lens will be opened in a new tab with the same options that are displayed on the screen.

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