If you have Find My Mobile – Samsung’s version of Find My Device that works with it – enabled on your Samsung phone, then by default, you should have something called Secure Lock. This does two things that can be especially useful if your phone is stolen. One, your device can’t be turned off when it’s locked without your authorized unlocking methods (like PIN or fingerprint) being used properly, and two, it won’t let anyone turn off the phone’s internet until the device is unlocked.

To make sure you have this enabled:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to Lock Screen and tap on the menu item.
  3. Click “Choose lock settings” and enter your PIN.
  4. Make sure “Lock network and security” is turned on.

It’s the same, but there’s one more feature of finding lost phones that Samsung has up its sleeve that its competitors haven’t used yet.

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