True to its name, Living Portrait is a work of art with an interesting twist – it suddenly unfolds whenever a person approaches the portrait or movement is found nearby. At first, he portrays a stable and well-rounded person. But once it starts, it transforms itself into a disturbing and scary zombie picture, complete with movements and screams that send shivers down the spines of unsuspecting listeners.

The Living Portrait is powered by two main components: a Raspberry Pi and a Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor. The PIR sensor detects movement, usually covering up to 20 meters. When it detects movement, the sensor sends a signal to the Raspberry Pi, which, in turn, controls the input and activates the pre-installed player to start playing the video.

This simple Raspberry Pi project requires only four pieces of hardware: Raspberry Pi, PIR sensor, monitor or TV display, and a suitable frame to enclose the display. For video content, the producer used UnLiving Portrait video from AtmosFX. However, you are free to create or find your own media. Just keep in mind that the Python code used in this project works by pausing the video before the drastic change to display a clear image. You’ll want to use a video that has the same effect when stopped.

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