With this type of project, you have to remember that it’s fun because you don’t get a lot of real world stuff, especially if you’re using it at home. A home security system is very useful if you are using this for security reasons. If you’re still working on it, just upload the instructions and get started. Things start out simple enough, and there’s a video to see what the results are. At the end of the process, the designer will show you some great features that you can add. Some examples include taking a photo or shooting a Tweet when the laser is fired. This may take more time, and may not be what you are doing.

Having knowledge of Raspberry Pi coding will help you because you will need to write some basic code, all written in the instructions, to make it work. If you run into snags, there are no corners to cut. This project won’t work as intended if you don’t know how to detect when someone runs a laser and make a sound when it happens. This can lead to frustration, especially if this is your first Pi project, just slow down and take your time.

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