With only 200,000 plus replacement FJ Cruisers leaving the Toyota Hamura Plant in Japan over the model’s eight years, there aren’t many FJ Cruisers around, giving them a high-end model. 200,000 seems like a lot, but Toyota can sell more cars in a month across its models, less than eight years.

New, the 2014 FJ Cruiser carried an MSRP of $27,680 (about $36,996 in today’s money). That’s not too expensive, around the MSRP of a well-equipped Jeep Wrangler these days, but probably out of the price range for someone who just wants a true crossover.

Practically, the FJ Cruiser was not. According to the reviews of the time, it was not much fun to drive on the road and it was more like driving an armored car than driving a regular SUV – low fuel consumption and poor visibility. It was an off-roader that could also do the work of a car, but only with extreme resistance.

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The rear seats were also a better idea than anything practical. However, the engine carried Toyota’s bulletproof reliability, and the fact that it was simple inside and out meant there were fewer parts to break. If the unveiling of the new retro-inspired Toyota Land Cruiser is anything to go by, then enthusiasts are in for a treat on retro off-roaders.

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