Simu Liu Reveals What Happened When His Parents Used Drugs (Photo Credit -Instagram)

Simu Liu is one of the actors in Hollywood who has been doing this for a long time but took a break after starring in the Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. However, he got another hit after portraying Ken in Barbie. Now, in a recent interview, the actor recalled the time when his parents accidentally used his drugs and drank them. The results were surprising. Scroll to read.

This happened when Simu left his parents, father Zhenning and mother Zheng, at their home in California when they left. Although he left them money for food and other services, due to their migration, they could not accept the food and decided to search the area for food, and instead of any food, they found their own. edible ‘fun’. And voila!

Recently, when Simu Liu appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, he told Jimmy Kimmel how it happened and remembered, “There was nothing in this house except the basic furniture, clothes and other things that I ate and enjoyed. , usually.” She also described how her mother “ran through the house to eat” before finding the snacks that were her happy medicine in her room. She said, “So, she finds what she thinks are teddy bears mixed with dried mushrooms.”

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And before he could think of anything, Simu’s mother took them to her father, and she started cutting them like Skittles, and the more she ate, the more hungry she became. He also revealed that his mother thought he was going to die. But since they could not satisfy their hunger, they decided to go to the grocery store. Liu added, “They get into my car, and I hit it right away. They drop it in my path to the bushes. They are very high at this time. They are scared, they don’t know what to do anymore.”

Fortunately, nothing major happened to Barbie’s parents. The Marvel superstar also recalled, “So, I get home days later and the car is broken, my herbs are broken and my medicine is gone. And I looked at my parents and I said, ‘Okay, first of all, I’m not going to leave you unattended in my house.’

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What do you think about the visit of Simu Liu’s parents? It’s scary but also beautiful!

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