Any car will collect crumbs and debris over time, no matter how careful you are about food and other debris sources. We track dirt, wood, dust, and dirt with our shoes – or maybe something accidentally spilled on a chair, dashboard, or floor. That’s where vacuums come in.

Your least expensive option for these items is probably the 18V One+ Hand Vacuum, which costs about $28.97 but is as portable as other models and does not require a battery. On the other hand, the 18V One + Hand Vacuum Kit includes a battery and can use a variety of attachments from the 1-1/4-inch Jobsite Hand Vacuum Accessory Kit that includes a flexible hose, an access tool, a bottom nozzle, and an extension cord. . The bottom line is that this option will cost you $79.97 to remove the battery and charger (or $34.97 for the vacuum itself), and accessories cost an additional $34.97.

Big (and wet) spills will require something more than the $119 18V One + 3 Gal. The Project Wet/Dry Vacuum promises a compact design and includes a 6-foot hose, attachment tool, and auxiliary nozzle. Or if 3 gallons isn’t enough, there’s also a 6 Gal. A Wet/Dry Vacuum that retails for $139. It’s not easy to carry but it’s very powerful and comes with two extra rods, a low nozzle, an entry tool, and a 7-foot hose.

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