The most unique model of Apple that is sold is The price of LCG shares this time it is an award to celebrate 20 years of service with the company that was given as a gift to the consignor in 2020. According to LCG, the award for 20 years is very rare, especially compared to the award that is more common for 10 years. .

Listed with a starting price of $2,500, this award is made of aluminum and weighs 7.6 pounds and a foot seven inches long while running two inches deep. It comes with the original box and manual, which is a copy from Tim Cook, as well as a physical award plan.

“Your 20-year award is made from the same 6000 grade aluminum that we use to make our products,” reads the note on the physical award. “The scraps from production are collected and reprocessed to make a 100 percent recycled, pure alloy. The alloy is cast into long ingots, and then each ingot is cut to size. The edges are diamond cut. The ingot is painted Space Gray and anodized to stamp its finish. creating a protective layer. Finally, the stainless steel Apple logo is placed in the center.”

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Although not named in the physical award, LCG says that the period from 2000 to 2020 that it remembers includes the first releases of the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs. The auction house estimates it will sell for at least $5,000.

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