Another small, portable, and portable option, the Big Blue 28W Solar Charger, is an affordable option for $79.99 on Amazon. The biggest feature of the BigBlue 28W Solar Charger is that it weighs only 1.57 pounds and is very compact when folded at 11.1 x 6.3 inches.

The way these panels fold makes it small enough to fit in most bags without adding weight to your gear. The device is powered by a SunPower Solar Panel with a solar power of 24% and comes with three USB-A ports, enabling direct charging of multiple devices.

That being said, the device has a power of 28-watt, which means that large devices, such as laptops, cannot be directly powered by the device unless it is used to store energy in a power bank. Many complaints about the device indicate a lack of power and difficulty finding the right angle to charge the device properly, since the device does not have a charging pad.

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In the end, the solar panel you get for your camping trip will depend a lot on your needs. Fortunately, all of these tools serve as reliable options no matter what you’re doing. Whether you need a power source and portable charger for your laptop and minifridge or you’re just looking for an external battery option for your phone, one of these options should meet your needs.

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