Details are scarce at this point, and the ink is never dry on Stellantis and the UAW union. However, the introduction of the new midsize RAM could be big not only for the UAW workers who will get their jobs at Belvidere Assembly back but also for the future fans who want a car that will be much smaller than the behemoth pickups you can buy today. When I finish each type of RAM that is stored, the Big Three will also compete at each level of the car market.

It is not yet known what the new car will look like, what it will be called, or what the powerplant will be. It is worth noting that at the reopening of the Belvidere Plant, the UAW also announced that Stellantis will manufacture the new battery. But before you get excited about the mid-range RAM hybrid, the batteries can be used to assemble the upcoming RAM electric car, the REV.

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RAM’s parent company, Stellantis, declined to comment on the mid-size car announcement.

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