Since the depths of the sea are so treacherous, the opportunity to go to the most remote areas for research is limited. Fortunately, probes, SONAR and other instruments have made deep ocean exploration easier. One such device is the hydrophone, which detects sounds underwater by converting them into electricity.

Back in 1997, hydrophones in the Pacific Ocean detected a very strange sound. It came to be known as the Bloop, and while you might think that a boom would not be an unusual thing to hear in the ocean, the sound was far from unusual. The National Ocean Service provides voice recordings, which have a strange, alien quality. It was believed to be coming from the sea near Chile, but other than that, and the fact that it was very low, it was not immediately known what caused the turbulence in the sea.

Turns out, it turns out, it wasn’t the kraken, Godzilla, the mysterious car fire in Atlantis, or any other fantasy. The expected trigger, however, is something that could be just as concerning.

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