Before making a big purchase, it helps to know how the drill works in real life. Although Ryobi’s website only has six reviews for the drill, it has good ratings. You can check the product page on the Home Depot website to get a better idea. The Right Angle Drill has over 600 reviews on it, and while it’s not perfect, 95% of consumers agree. The lightweight construction is a huge plus, especially if you’re using it in harsh environments.

As with most Ryobi products, it includes an 18V battery that can be used with other power tools that use the same battery power. It’s part of the One+ line, meaning the same 18V battery you use for your power drill will also work with the Right Angle Drill. It’s a nice bonus to buy Ryobi products, and you’ll have more battery life in the process. This allows you to skip the purchase of a battery in the future and save money. In the case of this drill, you can save $40 by removing the battery.

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