Since Apple agrees to continue with the same design language for several generations, the revival of the iMac will look similar to the M1-powered version that was introduced in 2021. Meanwhile, rumors from the side of the chain have also shown a slight upgrade even if they differ in the opening time of the iMac.

It seems that plans for a new iMac Pro are still alive. This is supposed to feature a 32-inch display, the largest Apple has ever put on a Mac. The next iMac Pro, however, won’t be hitting the shelves anytime soon. According to Bloomberg, it will arrive late next year or early 2025. At that time, Apple is said to introduce Mac hardware with an OLED screen instead of the LCD and mini-LED displays consumers find on current Apple computers.

Down the road, Apple is expected to offer similar OLED support for the iPad lineup, which would coincide with a design refresh. But these are rumors at best, and official plans are subject to change, so take all of this with reasonable skepticism.

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