So far, there are no pictures of the new eco-friendly Civic Hybrid, but Honda has lofty goals. In the teaser announcement, Honda says it expects 40% of the new Civic’s sales to be hybrids when it hits shelves, and that’s not realistic. Customers love their Honda hybrids, as 56% of CR-Vs sold are hybrids.

Honda is gradually changing its lineup with the Honda Prologue electric car coming in 2024. By 2040, it wants to sell only EVs and electric vehicles and, by 2050, be completely carbon neutral as a company. Roxanna Metz, director of Honda’s Indiana Auto Plant, where the body of the Civic Hybrid Sedan will be produced, said, “Our partners are proud to play an important role in Honda’s electrification by expanding the production of the new Civic hybrid. Sales of Honda’s hybrid models already represent more than a quarter of four quarters of our sales in the US and we are proud to help our customers benefit from the future of electricity with our ‘made in Indiana’ products.”

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