It may have worn a Ford badge, but the RS200 customer models were built by Reliant. Ford was struggling to find the capacity to produce all 200 models on time, and sell customer cars, while building competing models in-house at its site in Boreham, England. In theory, Reliant was the stalwart of the industry – the automaker had the ability to build cars from the same materials, and was just a few hours away from Ford.

In practice, the Reliant’s build quality was less than Ford expected, especially since each car was built as quickly as possible. Here It says that, after the first contact process was over, Ford ended up rebuilding many of the consumer cars at its factory, because they weren’t selling as well as they were before. It wasn’t cheap, but the selling price was about $50,000 ($61,215.75 today), which at that time was a very high amount.

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