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The Fourth Horseman – Destiny 2

The Exotic quest to get The Fourth Horseman isn’t short. It entails quite a bit of a busy job, but nothing overly tricky until the end of the pursuit. Below we will give you a complete walkthrough of every step and the best methods to complete them.

In Rides a Pale Horse

Pick up this quest by visiting Zavala in the Tower. He’ll discuss a weapon he wants you to recover from the Vanguard Vault. Have to wonder why we’re just hoarding unusual weapons which we might have employed to, ” I do not know, defeat Riven, or any other of those thousands of enemies of humanity.

Enter the Vault: Vault obtained
Zavala’s office is the real key to finding the Vanguard Vault. We’ve embedded a movie to show you the path to take to complete this step. Please be aware that in case you pick up the pursuit from Zavala, the door will not be open. You must return into Orbit, then load back to the Tower and take the path in the video.

Missing in Action: Zavala visited
Fast travel back to the primary spawn point from the Tower and operate over to Zavala. He will give you the next step of this pursuit, and that’s to talk to someone else.

Fresh Lead: Ana saw
Bring up your Manager and visit Mars. Spawn in close Ana Bray and head directly to her. She will give you the next step. There is no point in participating in activities on Mars until you’ve spoken to her.

On the Hunt: Intel Collected
This step will require that Guardians either defeat Cabal on Mars, or complete public events on Mars. Or, you can kill two birds with one stone. Defeating Cabal advances this at a prolonged rate, so focus on the general public occasions, such as Escalation Protocol. However, any free time on Mars will do, even if it does not feature Cabal. It’ll take several public events to finish this off.

Return to Ana: Visit Ana
Head straight back into Ana Bray, and she’ll update you on the next step of this quest, which involves more grinding, of course. Guess that is what occurs when Bungie does not have enough time to make proper quests for Exotic weapons, like Zero Hour or even The Whisper.

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