We’ve all heard the old myth of putting your iPhone in a bag of rice to remove moisture, but this method does nothing and can cause rust because rice cannot remove the water inside. In addition, small particles of rice can get inside your iPhone, and starch can mix with moisture, causing serious damage.

When you connect your charger and see the Liquid Detected warning on your iPhone, you should disconnect the charger immediately. Apple says that charging an iPhone while the dock is wet can damage the charging pins, which can lead to connection problems. You can bypass this notification in the event of an emergency and continue charging your iPhone, but keep in mind that this may short-circuit your device.

If you need to charge your iPhone while submerged in water, use a wireless charger if you have one. Make sure to dry the back of the iPhone before placing it on the charger.

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While it may be tempting to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying of a water-damaged iPhone, Apple warns against this. Additionally, do not use compressed air to force water out of the speaker and ports. If the washing port is wet, avoid using a cotton or paper towel to dry it, because we can get inside.

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