According to a New York Times talking to the residents of La Macarena, climate change is taking place, possibly due to climate change, which causes the rainbow of Caño Cristales to arrive at the beginning of the year. In addition, Hupecol, an oil and gas company, began drilling in the Llanos region of Colombia as recently as May 2022 on behalf of Houston American Energy Corp. fears that the drilling could affect many species of animals and plants in the area, including macarenia clavigera.

Oil drilling is not the only thing that puts Caño Cristales and its green areas at risk, however. In an interview with CNNCarlos Lasso, a senior researcher at the Humboldt Institute, said, “The Serranía de la Macarena region has been a war zone for many years… [but now] Deforestation in the area is progressing at an alarming rate.” In addition to destroying the species of animals that make this country so unique, deforestation also affects the rainfall patterns, which can lead to problems with the macarenia clavigera that grows there.

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Although only time will tell if the Colombian government will help protect the region and its inhabitants from the negative effects of oil drilling, logging, and gangs, the Caño Cristales region and its surroundings will be preserved so that future generations will see its effects. amazing natural beauty.

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