Getty Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow at Paycor Stadium on November 5, 2023.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was injured during Thursday night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens and had to go to the locker room late in the second quarter.

Burrow was seen working out on the sideline late in the second quarter, wincing in pain as he attempted to throw a pass. Moments later, he jogged to the locker room as substitute Jake Browning prepared to enter the game.

“#Bengals QB Joe Burrow shook his head after apparently injuring his right hand after attempting a throw on the sideline and is now jogging to the locker room,”’s Tom Pelissero wrote on X, previously known as Twitter.

The Bengals had expressed concerns about Joe Burrow

The Bengals had already caused some concern before Thursday’s game when they shared an image that appeared to show an injury. As Chris Roling of USA Today’s Bengals Wire noted, the image sparked a strong reaction from Bengals fans.

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“Cincinnati Bengals fans appeared to be experiencing a collective panic attack Wednesday night ahead of the team’s Thursday night game against the Baltimore Ravens,” Roling wrote. “There, Bengals fans noticed something strange in a picture of Joe Burrow and his teammates getting off the plane in Baltimore – Burrow had something on his throwing hand.”

Roling added that it was impossible to determine what was actually on Burrows’ hand, pointing out that the Bengals did not place him on the injury report during the week. He also appeared to throw during practice without pain or hindrance, Roling wrote.

“This could be a precautionary measure, an actual thing for serious injury, or even something as innocent as a fashion choice or one of those gloves that help the user handle tablet use more easily,” Roling wrote.

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