All-weather skid plates designed for better grip on slippery surfaces while also providing the kind of performance that Chevrolet needs in the new E-Ray hybrid — it all sounds too good not to happen, I told Yount. He laughed.

“Everything in this tire is E-Ray and has been developed in collaboration with the Corvette, to provide a very comfortable ride. 1.1 g. So many drivers on public roads – who do not want to be tied – will be very happy with the performance of the regular tire .

Of course, stepping up to the PS4S, Cup 2, or Cup 2R will enhance the performance of any Corvette (actually, any car, since tires are a very important part of any car). And the question of how a tire is made using four different materials on a very powerful, heavy vehicle that can be worn during real world driving is a question. However, for many potential E-Ray customers, being able to trade off a little edge in performance in the name of year-round driving quality can make Michelins all-season tires a popular option. And remember, they come standard.

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