Considering how expensive it is to spend, it’s best to take care of your device’s batteries as much as possible. Unfortunately, if you’re a business owner, using the battery for multiple devices, or someone who does a lot of DIY, your battery can blow past its 1,000-cycle warranty very quickly.

But there are other things you can do to protect battery health and get more out of expensive devices. As with lithium-ion batteries, several factors will affect their overall health. The two main things you need to watch out for are temperature and charging capacity. Letting a lithium battery go completely, or charging it to 100% is not good. So keeping between 10% and 80% should help reduce the degradation.

Extreme heat or cold can also damage the battery cells. Sometimes you may need to work in a hot or cold place, so this cannot always be avoided, and the battery produces some heat when it is used or charged. But just keeping it at room temperature really helps extend its life. Do not store your battery in a shed or anywhere where temperatures can drop and freeze. A hot car or something similar will also damage it.

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