The announcement was met with mixed responses on a subreddit dedicated to the popular EV manufacturer, r/Teslamotors. User Lordofwar13799731 sarcastically wrote that after waking up at 4:30 AM, “I’m sure the crying won’t be so annoying when I do 50 yawns on my way to work.” Others echoed the same concern that the plan would be more annoying than helpful.

Some users noted that the feature was better if there was a way to stop it. Others explained that drivers can simply turn it off if it starts to react. A common complaint among Redditors was that the company prioritized the wrong products. Many felt that Tesla should work on improving the windshield wipers and the Full Self Driving feature (FSD) instead of this new feature. Some suggested that the best use of the new security would be to turn on the FSD if it detects sleep.

Another complaint was that the whole system was dangerous. Comments in the Reddit thread make it clear that not everyone wants their face photographed while driving. Accompanying the comments were links to third-party camera images to disable the camera feature. Although the recordings don’t go outside the car unless the user chooses to share information, there have been reports of Tesla sharing photos and videos taken from customers’ cameras. Therefore, not everyone is convinced by Tesla’s secret promises.

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