Tesla says that if all Supercharger locations are busy and your car’s battery is 90% charged, you’ll pay an extra $1.00 for every minute it’s still connected after five minutes. Tesla hasn’t defined what it means by “busy,” but users will be notified via the Tesla app if they’re about to be charged.

In the frequently asked questions section of its website, Tesla notes that even customers with Supercharging credits or free Supercharging for their Tesla are not exempt from the fee. It’s not just Tesla cars anymore. Any vehicles that are increasing in number that can use a Supercharger are eligible to pay a fee.

To justify the fine, Tesla says: “A customer cannot leave a car parked at a gas station, and the same logic applies to Superchargers.” It makes sense, and the fees can reduce some of the frustrations of charging. Hopefully, these charges will encourage more toll booths to unlock the traffic they need.

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