Long-time Tesla fans may note that it is unusual for Tesla to have parts of its vehicles displayed in showrooms without a price tag or labels. However, given the hype surrounding the Cybertruck and its popularity, the company may have felt it was appropriate to start buzzing around the product shortly before its launch, just a few days away.

Tesla is having a special event to present the Tesla Cybertruck on November 30, where invitations have already been issued, several of them have been received by people who won the Tesla lottery. It’s around this time that we’ll likely see Tesla reveal the full specifications, models, and final pricing of the Cybertruck.

The latest reports are the latest in a string of Tesla-related developments that have taken place over the past few weeks. Less than a month ago, we all saw the infamous video of a bullet-riddled Cybertruck rolling down the street, and more recently, there was a viral TikTok video that showed us the interior of a Cybertruck.

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However, with two weeks to go, who knows what the next few days have in store?

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