The mini Cyberquad is covered in custom panels to give it Tesla’s favorite “Blade Runner” look, and LED lighting strips on the front and rear complete the look. Braking is done with a rear disc, and uses steel. Tesla also sells a suitable cover for the Cyberquad for Kids. As for the price, it’s not cheap at $1,900. You can buy a used ATV for a fraction of the price, although it’s not as fancy and “futuristic” as the Cyberquad for Kids. However, $1,900 technically makes it the cheapest Tesla model car. Tesla’s ordering website says it will begin shipping later this month.

Hopefully, Cyberquad for Kids has ironed out all the wrinkles and squashed all the bugs once and for all. It should give young Tesla fans something to play with while waiting for the Cybertruck’s final launch (if that happens).

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