A 2023 NFL Mock Draft for the Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.

As we sit just days before the Super Bowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Glendale, Arizona, the itch for the NFL offseason and the NFL Draft is getting bigger and bigger. Teams that missed the playoffs will work for a chance to challenge for the Lombardi trophy, while teams that made it to the playoffs will build on trying to get back at the chance to clinch victory in the big game to taste.

Let’s take a look at how the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft could go.

Descriptions come from the player’s scouting report. Click on their name to read their full report.

“Blessed with rare athleticism, a lightning-quick first step and violent hands, the Bulldogs’ defensive tackle makes its living in the opposing backfield.”

“Known as the first one in, last one out, Stroud owns every intangible asset NFL decision makers look for in a franchise quarterback — head coach Ryan Day praised his work ethic and professional approach to the game on a day-to-day basis.”

“Blessed with rare athleticism, a lightning-quick first step and violent hands, the Bulldogs’ defensive tackle makes its living in the opposing backfield.”

“You’ll find everything moving at lightning speed. An up-tempo attack based on fast reads and fast decision-making. Levis loses the ball quickly and it’s the high-powered schedule you see many NFL teams trying to emulate.”

“He carries his weight well enough to fill roles as a 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 next level outside linebacker with the ability to cut in occasionally. Wilson has an explosive first step and big steps to beat tackles off their outside shoulders or play as a backward defender.”

“As a freshman with an immediate impact, the Georgia native demonstrates quick, first-step blast along with great power and versatility. Murphy has been used on the outside to establish the lead and kicked in when needed, showing in multiple ways how it can be implemented at the next level.”

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“A smart, accurate passer who doesn’t force throws and rarely makes mistakes. He lacks the size of a prototype, but sees the field very well, shows a natural feeling in the pocket and can push the ball downfield with a simple flick of the wrist.”

“He’s an energetic talker who likes to remind wide receivers to get locked in. Witherspoon has a quick trigger and excellent closing speed on short routes and screens.”

“Great height and subtle weight that puts a lot of strain on his athleticism. Numerous press bar alignments, mostly to the limit. He’s popped out of the field and has an impact on the pass.”

“The size is amazing, length and mass showing from the nosebleeds. Naturally wide base that remains consistent throughout his pass set. Handfights are non-negotiable.”

“The Horned Frogs’ pinnacle exhibits remarkable linear burst, lateral burst, long speed, and play power. On the line of scrimmage, Johnston uses his explosiveness, punches, hesitations, and hand use to let loose.”

“Skoronski possesses exceptional athleticism, great passion and high character. His quick feet and fundamentally sound technique are two of his more favorable traits.”

“The Cincinnati native, a person of high character, has been called the ‘father’ of the offensive line by coaches because his teammates flock to him.”

“On film it looks like Ringo was built in a lab. He has a great frame, fantastic length and impressive speed. No matter what receiver speed he was up against in man cover, Ringo was always in the wide hip pocket .”

“An above average athlete, Addison boasts a flexible frame, exhilarating linear and lateral burst and an impressive ability to change direction. His speed, while not a rare or special trait, is remarkable and allows him to go deep at times. to win.”

“Large human in terms of outright mass. Primarily a guard, but left to tackle and handle tasks well in limited snaps. Arms and strength to finish plays. Plays long with heavy hands on point of attack .”

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“He spends a somewhat high percentage of off-ball snaps on running defense and coverage. He’s respectable at man against tight ends and even running backs. Foskey is an explosive, clean unidirectional mover with good first-level reach. His soft change direction is solid.”

Porter Jr., a tall, physical pressman cover angle, possesses prototypical attributes, along with NFL bloodlines (son of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter). His long arms allow him to knock receivers off target and enable him to get his hands a lot of tipped balls.”

“Considerable height and length for the position, with an intimidating structure. Overly balanced for a player with so little experience. Very comfortable in the pocket and has the instinct to step forward if he collapses or to escape the impending crowds. “

“Mauch is an excellent athlete who possesses ideal lateral and vertical agility to mirror defenders in pass protection or to climb to second level and knock out linebackers in the running game.”

21. Miami Dolphins (forfeit):

The Miami Dolphins forfeited their draft pick as the league determined that the team had unauthorized communications with quarterback Tom Brady on two separate occasions, despite Brady being under contract with the New England Patriots and then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“He has experience playing in the slot machine but primarily served as an in-line tight end with the Bulldogs. Washington has a massive frame with ideal functional strength that gives him an advantage over most opponents. He looks to have exceptional arm length, which adds to his impressive profile as a blocker.”

“He maintains a uniform stem and his flexible lower half allows him to drop his hips to change direction on a dime as a route runner and ball carrier. Furthermore, Smith-Njigba follows the ball well and flashes the ability to win at the catch point as a hand catcher.”

“A physical specimen that epitomizes versatility, Simpson’s multi-schedule utility and athleticism can place him in the top half of the first round.”

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“He is incredibly smooth and clean in all his movements, he also knows exactly where the holes in the defense will be, so he always opens up.”

“He reads quickly and closes on short throws and is excellent at attacking the ball at the point of catch. Banks is patient when he’s in the press before coming into phase.”

“A defensive lineman who boasts experience on the biggest stages and displays impressive unidirectional movement skills, strength and height, Bryan Bresee can become an elite defenseman as he becomes more consistent with his technique.”

“He has a knack for playing the top shoulder and dominating from there, though he can win from the low shoulder. He flips pass catchers before and after contact, but excels after landing his hands and slowing down receivers. “

A rare blend of size, athleticism, toughness and sheer natural talent, Mayer is the definition of a prototype in the tight finishing position. Strong enough to break tackles after the catch and elusive enough to let defenders miss in the open field. “

“Tall, flowing physique. Plays like a 4-5 technique, primarily in a three-point stance. Significant bend at the intersection. Ankle and hip flexibility to smooth out his rushing path. Dexterous hands that can sweep and work through linemen’s grips, force them to recover.”

“On film, Jones is an easy mover. He has a smooth kick-slide and possesses quick feet to mirror pass rushers. Jones’ agile feet and speed allow him to get ahead of pass rushers.”

“He comes downhill with his hair on fire and Skinner uses his height to play the football. In man-marking against tight ends, Skinner really excelled.”


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