‘Worst Bad’ Featuring Ji Chang Wook & BIBI Receives Variety For Their 3-Minute-Long Steamy Kiss, Here’s Why (Photo Credit – Instagram)

A K-drama without hot, steamy kisses is not the K-drama of our dreams. In terms of heat, The Worst Bad Scene between the leads Ji Chang Wook & BIBI has created a huge stir but has also received a lot of negative reviews from the audience. Do you know why? Well, scroll ahead to find out what made K-netizens upset about such a fun show.

One of the most anticipated K-drama, The Worst of Evil, has finally come to a surprising conclusion and revolves around an undercover cop who goes to investigate a major criminal organization that is responsible for the drug alliance between Korea, China, and Japan.

Now, as expected from any K-drama with sly or romantic interests in the plot, Bad Bad also treated the audience with a kissing scene, but a moment between Ji Chang Wook (who played undercover cop Park Jun Mo/Kwon. Seung Ho) and BIBI (who can be seen as a Korean-Chinese drug distributor, Lee Hae Ryeon) did not sit well with the audience.

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Instead, BIBI (Lee Hae Ryeon) seems to be taking on the responsibility of dating Ji Chang Wook (Park Jun Mo), who repeatedly tries to break their kiss but fails as Hae Ryeon does her best to keep it. his opinion on her. When the phone starts ringing, Jun Mo tries to reach for it, but BIBI’s figure starts to unbutton his shirt. However, before long, a man enters the room, leaving his plans in the middle.

Now, the scene was wrong in many ways as BIBI’s character forced a kiss on Ji Chang Wook (Park Jun Mo), and it went on without his consent, who was already married to someone else. While many people appreciated the heat, others criticized K’s drama and the scene in a harsh manner.

Check out what was shared on X, along with negative comments:

you are not serious right?? https://t.co/JQtG6I2Hnt

— Dran 🍉 (@daheeverse) October 18, 2023

One said, “Good kiss: torture hahahaha.” One fan wrote, “That’s homophobic!!!”

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One of the K-netizens wrote, “How can you enjoy this kiss? Lmao junmo doesn’t even want it.

One fan compared The Worst to King The Land, where Lee Jun Ho accepted from YoonA before their kiss to a standing ovation. The comment read, “Obviously they haven’t seen #KingTheLand.”

To the uninitiated, the kissing scene passed 419.7K online form. You can download the series on Hulu or Disney +.

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